thoughts for june 2011


Posted 12 years, 11 months ago

I’ve just finished a new illustration of the Sandman.

Update June 2011

Posted 13 years ago

Time to be brought up to speed. Basically, please follow me on facebook, where I do a lot of inkyboy postings.

I’ve also polished off eight picture book manuscripts, ready to go to prospective literary agents. I’ve found a number of agents who specialize in picturebook authors, and as soon as I get the manuscripts back from proofing, off they will go.

One of the manuscripts—“The Tale Thief”—I’m keeping for myself and will self-publish it. I think the story needs some light tweaking, but the characters are designed and the pages are all drawn, all except for the tweakages, of course.

I also worked on a big project for State Farm. It was some very rough concepty-sketchwork, so nothing to see.

I will be adding a page for Character Designs. I create so many of them, and so many “pantheons” of characters, it will allow me to share more art with you without me feeling the need to construct background scenes or underlying stories before polishing them for publication. Characters will just be characters.

And the last project—intended to be a series of portraits of strange beings currently called “Mysterious Portraits”. The linework for the first portrait, “The Sandman”, can be seen at my inkyboyblog.


Posted 13 years ago

I have been told that people actually read this page, and requests have reached inkyboy to keep adding posts. So I shall!