trail of crumb's

Posted on March 30 2006

Here’s your assignment. Get ahold of a copy of the dvd/video/laserdisc “The Confessions of Robert Crumb”. Also acquire the dvd/super8/whatever “American Splendor”. Either watch both of them back-to-back, or one day after the other. Start with “Crumb”. If you’re feeling adventurous, go to the local Barnes & Noble and peruse the shelf copy of Gotta Have ‘Em. Peruse doesn’t mean “steal”. It means “look at”. You could even buy it if you’ve got money to blow.

So, do all of that and see what happens. I borrowed those videos from the library, right after purchasing Joann Sfar’s book (see below). Now I’ve been bitten by the sequential art bug. Maybe I’ll reformat bat brown. Or maybe I’ll start with something fresh. I’ve got another project to finish first, but this sequential art idea will be good to kick around in my head for a while.