since it's new year's eve

Posted on December 31 2006

I thought I’d take a look at where I am, and where I might be going. The following is a list of projects that I mentioned I wanted to get done at some point:

First off, I should probably concede that I just won’t get to the “Gourds” illustration.

I did finish the Santa sketch, and Franken Berry.

As far as sending out my book dummy manuscript, that hasn’t been done yet, but it will be. I’ll need to purchase and tab the 2007 Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market. I thought I’d won a copy in a contest, so I’ve been holding off purchasing it. It seems to be not forthcoming, however, so I’m sure it will arrive after I return from the bookstore. Once I figure out who I’m going to send it to, out it goes. All fourteen of ‘em.

Next major project—Write the script for my Persephone graphic novel. The whole story is written, event by event, on index cards, and I have a drawing pad filled with sketches of the characters. What have I been waiting for? Well, paying jobs take precedence, and December is spent making Christmas as magical as I can for my nieces.

January tends to be a relatively quiet month, and with a particularly large job that came in, I’ll be able to divide my time between an honest day of paying work, and evenings devoted to getting my own stories published. Or, at least, getting noticed by children’s book publishers so I can work on illustrating books instead of single illustrations for articles.