honorable mentions

Posted on January 08 2005

I’ve gotten two kind mentions out there on the internets already—one from my friend Xian from Mintchaos.com, and another from my friend Ned from the Mercuriosity Shop. Xian was the one who constructed the site, and made all the nifty things like the fade-ins and the bubble thumbnails.

The most amazing part of this site, though, is the part you never see. It’s essentially the lower decks of inkyboy.com. Xian created a simple interface that enables me to add illustrations on my own (it generates the thumbnail almost automatically), put in thoughts simpler than Moveable Type, and allows you to send emails to me without going through Outlook. And Ned’s advice on image choices and subtle wording nuances was invaluable (and securing the nod from Admiral Fortuna is always a blessing). Thanks, everybody!