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a beautiful one slept the saturday for smaltirla

Posted 19 years, 3 months ago

While I was double-checking my facts to be included with the Morpheus art, I stumbled on an interesting website adorned with beautiful art—lots of rich, classical paintings punctuated with images from modern pop-culture. I don’t have any idea what the site is about because it’s written in italian. I don’t read italian, so I ran a fragment through babelfish to get the gist of it. I think it’s even more mysterious now than it was before.

The Antenore sleep 12 October is newspaper articles that you remain impressi, and it amazes to you that it is not spoken more than these things. This is one of that I have conserved, and speaks about a argument to which they are particularly sensitive: I have worked on three turns for 15 years of row, comprised the turn of night, and know well that what wants to say a sleep blow. For recorded, three of never get worse incidents succeeded the world (Three Miles Island, Cernobyl, Bhopal) have happened during the turn of night, during that period that Ingmar Bergman calls "the hour of the lupo": between the night two and the five of the mattino. The article has been published on the Courier of the Evening the 7 september 2001, to company of Serene Zoli, and dealt of one series of from Milan conferences of the university professor American William C. Dement, one of the studious maximums of the sleep. In the article also the details of the cited tests were included, and it was spoken also about the insomnia and the exceptions to the rule of the eight hours (than, as it is obvious, they exist and they are very diffuse). hypnos, the God of the sleep "Getlteman, the debit of national sleep is, for the Country, a greater threat of the monetary debit" (...) If a such debut worked for prof. the William C. Dement dinanzi to the USA Conference, can very adopt it also we in order to give voice to the alarm of which the student American it is latore in Italy with a book of next escape: "the sleep and its secrets" (and Baldini & Castoldi) (...) the sleep is a snobbato argument. Like if it did not place problems. Like if "38,000 persons they were not died in a year in the USA for the sleep, and not for infarct like it thinks in these cases". And like if for the roads, in airplane, in it knows it operating, were not consumed massacres caused from the sleep. Dement of augurs that its corposo book "makes from bomb", from detonator of the alarm "Is a gotten sleepy society, - it says - E' in action a pandemic of disturbs of the sleep and nobody knows it. We less sleep at least an average hour and than in first of the century "and that it will be never, it comes to say: we have one more life. Neanche prof. the Dement would have to object, if it were not for the discovery of the "debit of sleep". Tried E' that it is necessary an hour to us of every sleep two of waking, therefore eight hours against the sixteen (...) fact are that the brain holds an iron account of the hours of this which had sleep, and if not ago the usuraio demanding the interests, it does not admit but reductions in price (...)"I have seen persons to cross the life in a fatigue fog", tells Dement with obvious displeasure (...) Not tasks but to one good slept resolving. Not, we have already said it: the account is precise and without reductions in price: if you have accumulated 50 hours of which had sleep, enough a beautiful one slept the saturday for smaltirla. "50 hours was not, and 50 you you must make man hand, in adding to prescribed the eight hours for night. Otherwise, after the long one slept you can be felt rested, but after po' strangely "most tired you meetings"... "(...) Here that what has assessed with an inquiry the National Sleep Foundation: 23% of the persons have been addormentata to flying in the course of the previous year. There is from being astonished if a third party of the street incidents is caused from the sleep? (...) Particularly alarming the test executed on 66 truck drivers (...) Well, 30 revealed a debit to pathological level, 28 to the limit, and only 8 are turn out to you in top form in order to guide a TIR. Instead ", all thought to be next to place. As she thinks it people in kind, and are not true. We are one sleepy society. To the test, hardly on ten of we it turns out indeed wide awake; the others are dangerous for himself and the others "(...)

...which is kinda funny, considering I don't get much sleep

Posted 19 years, 3 months ago

I’ve just added another new illustration to the portfolio. It’s morpheus:lord of dreams.


Posted 19 years, 3 months ago

I’ve just added a new illustration to the portfolio. It’s Chicagoland.