Posted on April 25 2005

I gave a seminar today at the Evangelical Press Association conference in Schaumburg. I think it went well. It was a seminar on magazine redesign, which I know a little about, as I helped launch the magazine Guideposts for Teens, redesigned Guideposts for Kids, Marriage Partnership, and Christian Parenting Today. My co-presenter was Mickey Moore. He also had lots of great ideas for working on a magazine redesign, and I hope to be able to implement them the next time I’m involved with one.

Mostly I talked about redesign in a crunch, which is kind of the only way I’ve ever done one. Companies are always in such a rush. Anyway, the crowd laughed in all the appropriate places, and asked me afterwards to expound on some of my ideas about color palettes.

While I was preparing the presentation, I was a little worried that the information I was presenting was too fundamental—like “Well, duh. We all know what a serif is”, but I guess if you know it, you think everyone else must know it, too.

Anyway, it’s been a long week of late-nighters preparing for this thing. I think it’s time for me to go to bed.