sugar plum fairies

Yet another image that was supposed to be a “quickie”. I had a small pad of paper, and was drawing before going to bed. I decided to work on Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker cast. I’ve drawn some of them before, lots of different ways. But instead of drawing them based on figures from Hoffmann’s story, I thought of them as the troupe of a ballet. But I was working with a small pad, as I said, and I decided to make them simple and toy-like.

The Sugar Plum Fairies I liked the best, and decided to rough on some color and do a really simple Dan Yaccarino-type piece. Ha! One thing led to another, and by the time I had gotten it to where I liked it, I had restarted it twice, and eventually sucked all the jewel-like color out of it that I had worked so hard on.

It turned out the way it did because ultimately it veered itself back to Suzy Snowflake, a black and white short that was aired often around Christmastime when I was a child.