I enjoy drawing different incarnations of the Sandman. This is my latest. While I’m juggling my projects, this is the first of a number of prints I plan to sell. I want to create a companion piece for it featuring Selene, goddess of the moon.

I’ve roughly sketched a number of these portraits. I probably have more ideas than I could paint in a month or two, actually.

For this Sandman, I thought to myself—what if he were Doctor Who-like? So he got a waistcoat and a cravat and a magnificent coat. Also in his arsenal: a basket of poppies (from poppies morphine is extracted, which is where we get Morpheus—the Greek name for the god of dreams), his bag of golden sand (which has got a hole in it), and something new—a rainbow-colored umbrella. The Sandman spins the colored umbrella over sleeping children and gives them good dreams.

The path of pillows I thought was particularly inventive, if I do say so meself. Also in tow are a couple of large, dusty moths. I like moths, and I hope you do too.