jack frost

So, it’s been snowing a lot around here recently. When I decided that I’d make an illustration of Jack Frost, I didn’t realize until I started on the colors that I’d end up painting someone wearing silver and white in silvery-white snow next to a silvery-white snowman. While it’s snowing.

It worked out because there’s a number of things going on, and since Jack is the same color as the background, it’s good not to have distracting colors directing the viewer’s eye away from the center of action. The limited color palette allows me to keep the illustration extra frosty.

As I look at this image, I wonder if I’ve borrowed too much from one particular artist, and if it seems too derivative. Here are a list of influences I see in this picture:

Maurice Sendak
Quentin Blake
Sylvain Chomet
Greg Clarke
Little Twelve Toes
Tim Burton
Bill Baird

Well, It looks like I’m safe.